Graz, 26 September 2016 – The Styrian specialist for imaging diagnostic MIDES offers excellent job-options in the technical field of ultrasound-probe-repair. Though most of the employees graduated from technical universities or colleges, technically talented people from other professions will also get a chance to work at MIDES. Like a former watchmaker or a former nail designer.

Multilevel Vocational Training – Top-Educated Employees     
The most decisive factors for prospective employees are technical understanding and high fine motor skills. Because all of the probe-repair-methods have been developed by MIDES, it’s only natural that the company takes the education and/or specialisation of their team in its own hands. A multileveled and intense curriculum provides everything to know about the highly complex ultrasound-probe-repair and the necessary skills, which leads to top-educated specialists.

The weekly Austrian economy-magazine „Profil“ became aware of this approach and interviewed MIDES-employee Jidapa Unger, quoted as follows:  „This company makes no difference between woman or man. Most important is, that team spirit and craftsmanship exist.“ Unger has previously worked in retail as well as nail design and is now – thanks to the company-intern educational program – a  specialist for ultrasound-probe-repair under the microscope.