Ultrasound Probes - on stock

Check our large selection of new, used and “refurbished by MIDES” ultrasound probes. All manufacturers, all probe types, and a wide range of tested probes in stock.

A special analysis process with corresponding protocols ensures the premium quality of all transducers, with warranty up to 18 months.

Acuson 4V2c phased array transducerused
Aloka UST-9130 convex transducerused
B&K 8819 vaginal transducerused
B&K N13C5 microconvex transducerused
Chison L700 linear transducerused
Emperor L096-60 transducerused
Esaote CA421 5-2 convex transducerused
GE 10L linear transducerused
GE 11L linear transducerused
GE 3SC-RS phased array transducerused
GE 4C-RS convex transducerused
GE 4C-SC convex transducerused
GE 6VT-D Matrix TEE transducerused
GE 8C convex transducerused
GE C1-5RS convex transducerused
GE C1-6-D convex transducerused
GE C2-9 D convex transducerused
GE C4-8 D convex transducerused
GE E8C vaginal transducerused
GE E8C-RS vaginal transducerused
GE L6-12-RS linear transducerused
GE M12L-H linear transducerused
GE M5SC-D Phased Array probeused
GE RAB 6-RS 3D-transducerused
GE RIC 5-9A RS 3D transducerused
Hitachi EUP-C715 convex transducerused
Hitachi S211 phased array transducerused
Mindray 2P2s phased array transducerused
Mindray 35C50EA convex transducerused
Mindray 35C50EB convex transducerused
Mindray 3C5A Konvextransducerused
Mindray 65EC10EB 8MHz vaginal transducerused
Mindray 65EC10ED vaginal transducerused
Mindray 6C2S Microconvex transducerused
Mindray 6CV1 transducerused
Mindray 75L38EA linear transducerused
Mindray 7L4A transducerused
Mindray C5-2E convex transducerused
Mindray D6-2E 3D-convex transducerused
Mindray L12-4 Linear array transducerused
Mindray V10-4BS vaginal transducerused
Pentax EG-3670URK Endoskopused
Philips C5-2 convex transducer Cartridgeused
Philips C5-2 convex transducer Cartridge Active Arraynew
Philips C8-4v vaginal transducer Cartridgeused
Philips C9-4v vaginal transducer Compactused
Philips D2CWC Pencil transducerused
Philips D5009v pencil probeused
Philips L12-3 linear transducer Compactnew
Philips L12-3 linear transducer Compact Ergonew
Philips L12-4 linear transducer Cartridge Active Arraynew
Philips L12-4 linear transducer Compact Affinitinew
Philips L12-5 linear transducer Compactnew
Philips L9-5 linear transducer HD3used
Philips S 4-2 MHz phased array transducer Cartridgeused
Philips S4-1 phased array transducer Cartridge Active Arraynew
Philips S5-1 transducer Compactused
Philips S7-3T TEE transducer Exploraused
Philips V6-2 3D convex transducer Compactused
Philips X3-1 phased array transducer Exploraused
Philips X5-1 phased array transducer Compactnew
Philips X5-1-EXP phased array transducer Exploraused
Philips X6-1 xMatrix convex transducer Compactused
Philips X7-2t TEE transducer Compactused
Philips X7-2t TEE transducer Exploraused
Philps S 3-1 phased array transducer Exploraused
Samsung SC1-6 convex transducerused
Samsung USP-L03EF5A/WR (LA3-14AD) linear transducerused
Samsung CA1-7A (USP-C017DSA/WR) convex transducerused
Samsung LV3-14A linear transducerused
Samsung PA1-5A phased array transducerused
Samsung PE2-4 (USP-PZ24NAA/WR ) phased array transducerused
Samsung PE2-4 phased array transducerused
Samsung PN2-4 phased array transducerused
Samsung SP3-8 phased array transducerused
Samsung USP-C028N6B/WR (C2-8) convex transducerused
Samsung USP-L05DF4B/WR (LF5-13) linear transducerused
Samsung USP-U049F1A/WR (ER4-9) vaginal transducerused
Samsung USP-VF18FSA/WR (CV1-8AD) 3D convex transducerused
Siemens 10,0L25 linear transducerused
Siemens 3,5C40H convex transducerused
Siemens 5,0L45 linear transducerused
Siemens 7,5L70 linear transducerused
Siemens C7F2 3D convex transducerused
Siemens P10-4 phased array transducerused
Siemens P4-2 phased array transducerused
Siemens PH 4-1 phased array transducerused
Siemens VF10-5 linear transducerused
Siemens VF13-5 MHz linear transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZCN2-8 convex transducerused
Sonoace 3D5-9EK transducerused
Sonoace C2-4ES-N convex transducerused
Sonoace EC4-9 10R vaginal transducerused
Sonoace PB-3DC2-6 Volumen convex transducerused
Sonoace PB-3DV6-12 linear transducer 3D/4Dused
Sonoace PB-99P2-5AC phased array transducerused
Sonoace PB-AKC2-8 convex transducerused
Sonoace PB-AXLS5-13 linear transducer Hockey-Stickused
Sonoace PB-AXLT4-7 linear transducerused
Sonoace PB-AXP3-5AC phased array transducerused
Sonoace PB-CF4-9 Microconvex transducerused
Sonoace PB-EC4-9ES vaginal transducerused
Sonoace PB-K3DC4-8ET convex transducer 3Dused
Sonoace PB-KL5-12/50EP-N linear transducerused
Sonoace PB-KP2-4AH-N phased array transducerused
Sonoace PB-L5-9/60ED-N linear transducerused
Sonoace PB-L75/60ED linear transducerused
Sonoace PB-NER4-9ES-N vaginal transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZ3D2-6ET 3D convex transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZC3-7EP convex transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZEC4-9 vaginal transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZER4-9 2D vaginal transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZEV4-9ED vaginal transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZL5-12/50 linear transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZL5-12EP linear transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZLV2-5/180 linear transducer Vetused
Sonoace PB-TZP2-4 phased array transducerused
Sonoace PB-TZPN2-4 phased array transducerused
Sonoace PCW-20-FGG/3B pencil probeused
Sonoace SP3-8 Kinder-phased array transducerused
Sonoscape 2P1 Phased-array transducerused
Sonoscape 3C-A convex transducerused
Sonoscape L741 linear transducerused
SonoSite P21X 5-1 MHz Phased Array Probeused
Toshiba PLT 1204AT linear transducerused
Toshiba PSM 37AT phased array transducerused
Toshiba PVE582V vaginal transducerused
Toshiba PVF621VT vaginal transducerused
Toshiba PVF-641VT vaginal transducerused
Toshiba PVT-375BT convex transducerused

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