Samsung UGEO PT60A

Compactly Powerful
With its slim and compact size, and ease of use, the PT60A is designed to satisfy various Point of Care applications.

Needle Mate™
Using pinpoint precision, Needle Mate delineates needle location when performing interventions such as nerve blocks, corticosteroid injections and PIC line insertions. Easy needle detection improves accuracy in biopsy procedures based on advanced technologies. This enables fast and accurate diagnosis for an optimize clinical workflow which allows you to provide patients with increased safety during treatment.

SDMR technology virtually eliminates unwanted speckle noise, while providing exceptional contrast resolution in combination with enhanced edge definition for unsurpassed image quality. Integrating Samsung’s imaging technology, PT60A demonstrates a noticeable improvement in image quality.

Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™)
Spatial Compounding Image™ (SCI™) controls ultrasound beams electronically by steering. SCI compounds many scan lines to deliver a significantly improved definition in soft tissue planes, combined with a dramatic reduction in speckle and other noise. The marked improvement in detail, ensures rapid diagnosis with increased levels of accuracy even in technically difficult patients. More accurate results lead to an increase in clinician confidence and therefore an enhanced service for patients.

Full Touch Screen
PT60A’s capacitive touch-screen is durable and supports multi-touch with faster reaction time. It also can be operated with gloves and helps to improve work efficiency for ICU, operating theaters, ambulances and emergency departments.

Micro Probe Connector
Mobility is important factor for various ultrasound applications, and the PT60A does not fail to satisfy this aspect. PT60A’s docking cart provides three extended active probe ports for greater usability. The small micro probe connector leaves more room on the machine for efficient use of space.

Auto IMT™
Measurement of the intima-media thickness of the carotid artery wall has become a widely-used technique as it represents a non-invasive, affordable method of diagnosis. Auto IMT™ provides a user-friendly, solution which offers output such as the Framingham Score, risk factors and a user graph. In addition, a comprehensive set of settings including Mean, Max, Standard Deviation and Quality Index measurements are instantly available at the touch of a single button. Accurate IMT measurements have the potential to identify patients with an increased risk of stroke and heart disease.

Important imaging parameters can be automatically optimized with the touch of a button below the monitor, increasing the efficiency of diagnosis workflow. The resulting increase in efficiency allows you to offer patients an improved service with faster and more accurate diagnoses. This reliable and safe system helps your clinic or hospital to deliver a superior patient experience.

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