Probe repair saves up to 77% of costs

Fast, ISO-certified reprocessing including loaner unit

Count on great savings

Repairing your ultrasound probe can save you money – up to 77% compared to buying a new one – and optimise the cost balance of your ultrasound devices. Probe repair also extends the service life of your probe, saving further resources.


With ultrasound standard probes (linear, convex or phaser probes) the repair is particularly quick – in addition to the savings and the conservation of resources.


In the case of expensive ultrasound probes, it pays to repair, since extending the service life also reduces your costs.


Your ideal solution for every probe repair

TEE probes

Thanks to state-of-the-art repair laboratories, we also repair high-priced and technically challenging TEE probes. This reduces electronic scrap while optimising your cost balance.

Ultrasound endoscopes

DThanks to the many years of know-how of our team of repair specialists, we solve even complex cases quickly and with the utmost precision – helping you to keep costs low.

As the only ultrasound service provider in Europe, we’ll repair your ultrasound endoscope under clean room conditions.

ISO-certified repair of all ultrasound probes

MIDES repairs ultrasound probes of all manufacturers and all probe types, including standard probes, 3D/4D probes, TEE probes and ultrasound endoscopes according to the highest industrial standards ISO 9001:2015 and EN ISO 13485:2016.

Rapid repair and great know-how

Thanks to our state-of-the-art repair laboratories and industrial manufacturing standards, we have expanded our repair competencies, thereby shortening our repair times.

Loaner probes to ensure the continued care of patients

Upon receipt of your repair request, we will provide you with a loaner probe for the duration of the probe repair. With this loaner unit, you can continue to work without interruption and save maximum costs with quick order placement and quick return of the loaner probe.

Probe repair with warranty

Probe repairs at MIDES come with a warranty of up to 12 months, depending on the type of repair.

Sustainability and carbon footprint

Repairing promotes sustainability and brings many advantages: great savings, resource conservation and avoidance of electronic scrap. In this way, we contribute to climate and environmental protection with our probe repairs and help to improve the CO2 balance.

Ultrasound probe repair with the technology leader

MIDES is the only company in ultrasound medical technology in Europe that carries out industrialised and semi-automated probe repairs. At MIDES, we repair ultrasound endoscopes in our in-house clean room according to semiconductor industry standards. We are constantly developing repair methods for ultrasound probes of all types in our innovation department.

After opening hours, you can enquire or order your probe repair quickly and easily at any time using our enquiry form.

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